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Planning and making creative, healthy recipes can be a difficult part of your health and wellbeing and yet it is so important. Home cooking is a vital part of reaching your health goals or dealing with a health concern. 

This is why I'm happy to offer you a custom 7 day meal plan. It takes all the pressure off coming up with ideas, finding healthy recipes and deciding what to buy at the grocery store. 

These meal plans are all made specifically for you. I take into consideration your likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances and dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, keto, nut free, pescatarian, etc) I also work with your health goals (weight loss, more greens) and any health concerns (diabetes, acne, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease) to create a plan that works for you! 

Custom Meal Plan Includes:

  • One 7 day meal plan
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner + 2 optional snacks daily
  • Full recipes with notes and substitution options (if necessary)
  • One detailed grocery list
  • All meals custom to your dietary preferences, health concerns, health goals, likes, dislikes 
  • Emailed to you with a simple printable version
  • Email support from Kim for any questions during the week of your plan

Cost: $50 + tax

Ready to get started?

You can purchase your meal plan below by enetering your email address and clicking the 'Buy Now' button.

Once you purchase, I will email you a form to fill out so I can learn exactly what you are looking for. You then complete the form, email it back to me and I will create a plan for you! Simple. Your plan will be sent by email and you can contact me with any questions you have or support you need during the week of your plan. 


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