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16 Week Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching

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We've all been there in moments of our life.  We have that feeling that we just can't seem to be the person we really want to be.  Maybe we're overwhelmed and tired and getting healthy seems like such a daunting task.  Sometimes we get the inspiration and start looking into it, but the information is conflicting and making it work in our own lives is overwhelming, especially where food intolerances are concerned.

I've definitely been in those very shoes before.  It was my own past struggles that inspired me to become an Integrative Health Coach and help others work past their own roadblocks.  It's also why I've started to offer individual health and nutrition coaching so that I can help you find your own personal program that works for you.  Keep reading to learn about my process that will help keep you on track to become your best self!

Being healthy doesn't have to be hard.

This program is not about dieting or deprivation, it is about shifting your habits to a healthier lifestyle that is manageable and sustainable. I will teach you healthy life skills and changes that you will use for the rest of your life. No more crazy diets, insane workouts or juice cleanses - this is real life and we work on real life changes so that everyday is healthy, not just certain ones.

No one way of eating works for everyone so we will explore different parts of your lifestyle to set personal goals that you can actually reach without turning your life upside down. Yes the Picky Diet blog is based on a plant based diet, but the nutrition and health coaching  program works with all different diets and foods depending on what works best for you. 

Illness and disease come out through the body as symptoms. Pharmaceuticals or pain meds usually will mask the problem or alleviate the symptom, but they won't get to the root of the problem and often the body will choose another way to show it is distressed. Here's a scenario - the alignment of your vehicle is off but you don't know that and your tires keep wearing out - so you buy new tires and buy new tires and buy new tires - if you dig deeper you will find and fix the alignment problem and then you won't need to keep buying new tires. Health coaching digs deeper to find the root of the problem and work on that rather than only treating the symptoms.

"What you eat changes everything..."

How does the program work?

This is a 4 month program - and I'll stop there because I know that seems like a long time, however this is the length of time it takes for healthy changes to become habits. Also this gives us time to work though possible vacations, holidays or other events that can cause a blip in our nutritional goals. 

We meet twice a month for about an hour either in person (if you are local) or via telephone or video chat. We will set your personal goals - whether that is weight loss, implementing good eating habits, managing food intolerances, working through a disease diagnosis, reducing food cravings, resolving skin issues, lowering your cholesterol, managing auto-immune diseases, or whatever it is that you need. 

We will then create a plan that will give you the information and tools you need to realistically reach your goals including simple healthy foods and recipes, nutritional info, fitness and exercise info and programs, handouts specially customized for you, books, food samples, pantry and fridge makeovers, skills in self care, tips for sticking with your goals when travelling or eating out, reducing your stress, understanding your relationship with food and learning how food affects your body and mind. 

What are the benefits?

  • kick start your metabolism
  • boost your energy
  • conquer your food cravings
  • remedy your digestive issues
  • get to the root of a health issue or disease
  • improve your sleep 
  • manage your stress
  • improve your skin and hair
  • lose unwanted weight
  • understand with foods are truly healthiest for YOU
  • learn how to simply prepare healthy, nutritious meals that taste great

Click the sign up button below to contact me and set up your free initial consultation during which you will learn more details about the program and if its a good fit for you!

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