45 Minute Health & Nutrition Session

Coaching / Individual

  • easy way to improve your health today!

  • coaching, direction & advice on your health & nutrition

  • your specific nutrition or health questions answered

  • follow up email with recommendations and notes 

  • session is done with a phone call or video chat

Being healthy doesn't have to be hard.

This program is not about dieting or deprivation, it is about shifting your habits to a healthier lifestyle that is manageable and sustainable. I will teach you healthy life skills and changes that you will use for the rest of your life. No more crazy diets, insane workouts or juice cleanses - this is real life and we work on real life changes so that every day is healthy, not just certain ones.

No one way of eating works for everyone so we will explore different parts of your lifestyle to set personal goals that you can actually reach without turning your life upside down. Yes the Picky Diet blog is based on a plant based diet, but the nutrition and health coaching program works with all different diets and foods depending on what works best for you. 

"What you eat changes everything..."

How does the program work?

This is a 45 phone/video chat session - time to ask any nutrition or health questions or seek advice about any concerns you may have.

We can talk food, recipes, wellness or dive deeper into topics like weight loss, implementing good eating habits, managing food intolerances, reducing food cravings, resolving skin issues, lowering your cholesterol, managing auto-immune diseases, or whatever it is that you need. 

You will receive a follow up email with the session notes, recommendations and possible recipes or handouts specifically tailored for you.

The cost for this session is $75.00

Lets get you started on the right track to wellness...Click the sign up button below to contact me and sign up for this session.

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