Everyone wants to “detox” right? Did you know your body is actually built to detox itself naturally? No special juices, herbs or cleanses. Find out what simple, healthy habits you can incorporate into your day to jump start your natural detoxification system...

Easy Ways to Detox Naturally Everyday

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Everyone wants to “detox” right? 

The very mention of it brings about visions of clear skin, a flat, happy tummy and feeling clear and clean. Many companies and healers have made loads of money selling juice cleanses, smoothie detoxes, etc.

But did you know your body is actually built to detox itself naturally? No special juices, herbs or cleanses.

The issue is many of us have a lifestyle that doesn’t support our body’s detoxification system. Not to fear – this can easily be remedied by adopting a few healthy habits you can incorporate into your day and avoid the added stress of the extreme detox. 

The practices listed below are really simple. Even incorporating a couple of these habits will fire back up your body’s detoxification systems leaving you feeling more energetic, focused and looking your best!

Stress Less.  

When you're stressed, your body automatically kicks in with a fight-or-flight response. This means that all systems are focused on dealing with your stress and not working on detoxing, cleansing, or digesting. Work on managing your stress with some deep breathing, taking a break from social media or electronics, listening to music or reading a book.

Minimize snacking after dinner.

Try to give your body 8-10 hours without food. If you finish dinner at 8pm then try not to eat again until 6am or later. This gives your body ample time to fully digest your food before bed and allows it to work on detox and repair while you are sleeping like it is naturally supposed to do. If you are eating right before bed, your body is spending all its energy metabolizing food instead of working on other systems – like detoxification and healing.


Drink Your Lemons.

Squeezing lemon juice into your water is a natural detox aid. It helps with digestion and helps cleanse your liver which is where a lot of your toxins live. Start your day with a mug of warm water and juice from ¼ of a lemon. To help naturally detox even more, have a little lemon juice in your water all day long.

Move, Move, Move.

Physical activity gets all systems moving – digestive, lymphatic and cardiovascular – helping you to detox naturally. Moving your body also helps to move stagnant energy out allowing space for good energy flow. Even a 10 minute walk will have a positive effect on your health and detox system.

…And then sleep.

As mentioned above – when you are sleeping your body is working on healing and detoxing. When you don’t get enough sleep your body doesn’t have enough time to work on all systems properly which causes your hormones to be out of balance and you will most likely eat more calories the next day. Read more about how Sleep Affects Your Weight.


Eat your veggies.

The fibre, antioxidants and vitamins in whole, fresh vegetables are key for helping your body eliminate toxins and support the health of your detox organs such as your liver and colon. Try to fill half your plate (or bowl) with vegetables at each meal to reap their amazing benefits. Read more on The Best Foods for Detoxification


Simply drinking water and herbal teas throughout the day will help move toxins out of your body naturally. Keep your water bottle full and close by so it is easy to sip all day. 

Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing source of antioxidants, which are crucial in aiding the body to remove toxins. Aim for at least 2 cups a day. For the most antioxidants try Matcha green tea – learn more about it: What Is Matcha Tea & Why I Drink It Everyday

What are your favourite tips for natural detoxification? I would love to hear from you in the comments below…


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