With Spring Break right around the corner, I'm sharing some of my current Healthy Obsessions that are perfect for travelling! Read more to get the details what I'm packing in my bag for vacation...

Healthy Obsessions for Travel

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With Spring Break right around the corner, I'm sharing some of my current Healthy Obsessions that are perfect for travelling! 

Spending time resting, relaxing and soaking up some gorgeous sunshine makes for a perfect vacation - the items listed below will help keep you healthy, sun kissed (not sunburned) and looking great naturally on your next trip.

Here are all the items I packed on my recent trip to the Cayman Islands. I ended up using them all! A great natural sunscreen, an oil for extra immunity on the plane and a healthy, protein rich snack you can eat anywhere...

Eminence Natural Sunscreen

This organic, natural sunscreen is one of my absolute favs! Unlike so many natural sunscreens, this one goes on easily and is absorbed quickly. It smells beautiful without being overpowering and mixture of zinc and natural herbs did a great job protecting me from the strong Caribbean sun!

Get more details and a store locater on the Eminence website. If you live in the Hamilton, Ontario area you can pick it up at Kabuki Spa on Locke St. 


Hemp Hearts - Travel Size Package

I'm often concerned with getting proper nutrition while travelling - especially on a plant based diet. This little package of hemp seeds comes to the rescue - its small enough to fit in a carry on or beach bag and you can simply sprinkle some on whatever you are having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I sometimes take a big handful on its own as a snack - keeping me from reaching for less healthy snacks! Whether or not you are plant based, hemp seeds are a great way to get a boost of protein, healthy fats and magnesium. I pick these up at my local health food grocery store. 


Vitruvi "GO" Oil

This all natural aromatherapy oil is specially formulated for travel and helps boost your immunity during travel - I simply roll some on my wrists, throat, chest and temples before any plane ride. You can check out all their beautiful products at vitruvi.com

Mini Charcoal Deodorant

Small enough for your carry on, beach bag or even your purse! This activated bamboo charcoal deodorant is ideal for eliminating toxins from your body and has the power to clean deep inside sweat glands. It will help keep you odour free all day. Learn more at kaianaturals.com

BITE Beauty Multistick

This baby does it all...lips, cheeks and eyes. It adds nice colour as a lipstick and can be easily rubbed in with your fingers as a blush and eye shadow. Perfect for a touch up after the beach or after a long flight. You can pick one up in a variety of shades exclusively  at sephora.com


Happy Spritz Namaste Ninja Spray

I picked up this antibacterial spray a few weeks ago and ended up loving it! It can work as a face spray, a "hand sanitizer" spray and as a yoga mat spray (I use it all three ways!). It has organic tea tree essential oil as one of the main ingredients which is known for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties! Perfect for travel and working out! If you are in the Hamilton Ontario area you can buy it at Burlap and Twine on James St or in Burlington on John St. Find out more about these awesome sprays at happyspritz.com

Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

These individually wrapped facial cleansing cloths are all natural and biodegradable. They are gentle enough for all skin types and cleanse the skin beautifully giving you a beautiful, moisturized glow. I keep them everywhere - they are great for a long flight, after a day at the beach, post workout and for those nights when you are simply too exhausted to wash your face with water and cleanser! Read more about them at kaianaturals.com

What are some of your favourite healthy items to travel with?

I'd love to hear from you...let me know in the comments below!


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