Have the summer months found you going a bit overboard on the food and drinks? Not to worry…The best time to get back on track is today! Here are a few ways to gently reclaim control and rid your body of the excesses...

Undo Your Indulgences

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September always feels like a fresh start or “new year” to me. I’m guessing it stems from those “first days of school” signaling the end of summer. Even as an adult I get the feeling of being back to schedule, routine and my healthy habits that may have gone astray in the lazy hazy days of summer.

Warm nights on patios, days spent at the lake or cottage and summer vacations can be a time of indulging in more food and alcohol than usual. The good news is there are so many wellness benefits to spending time relaxing and connecting with friends and family. The bad news is too many extra indulgences over the summer months can lead to inflammation, weight gain and less energy.

Not to worry…The best time to get back on track is today! Here are a few ways to gently reclaim control and rid your body of the excesses:


Replenish your body with lots of fresh water. This aids in natural detoxification, digestion, refreshing your skin and flushing out your liver and kidneys that may have been working overtime. Add a splash of lemon or apple cider vinegar for an extra detox and alkaline boost.


Your body rebuilds and repairs while you are sleeping so turn in early to give yourself some serious reset time. Healthy sleep also helps balance your hormones aiding in maintaining a healthy weight. Try to eat at least three hours before bed so your systems can focus on healing rather than digestion.

Get More Greens

Greens work to purify your blood, clear congestion and give your liver, gall bladder and kidney the healthy nutrients they need to function well. Greens like kale, spinach and arugula are high alkaline foods full of antioxidants and fibre to help naturally detoxify and give you fresh energy. Get more greens by making a smoothie, a fresh salad or adding them to soups. 

Try one of these recipes that are full of greens:

Dry Brush

Your skin is your largest organ and is affected by everything you eat and drink. Dry brushing stimulates and increases blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins from your body, improving the function of your internal organs. It also stimulates your lymph systems and gives your energy levels a boost. Plus your skin will be left feeling silky smooth.

Read more about when, why and how to dry brush...

Drink Green Tea

Too much coffee will dehydrate you and mess with your energy levels. Swap it out for green tea – its gentler on your system than coffee and full of cleansing and disease fighting antioxidants. Keep a stash of good quality, organic green tea bags in your desk, purse or car so you always have this healthy option throughout your day. Every drive through has hot water ;-)

Try the ultimate in green tea – Matcha! Learn more about how to make it and why you should definitely be drinking it!


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