Bread has become a touchy subject - it brings about fears of weight gain, high carbs and gluten. Yes there is a lot of unhealthy "bread" out there. However I have found a brand that truly is healthy - learn more on the brand of bread I love and why it is a healthy choice for you...

My Favourite "Healthy" Bread


Healthy Bread.

It seems this statement is a bit of an oxymoron these days...

Bread has become a touchy subject - it brings about fears of weight gain, high carbs and gluten. Yes there is a lot of unhealthy "bread" out there.

White bread that is super processed, filled with additives and preservatives so it lasts for a week on your counter is NOT healthy. Bread that comes with more ingredients than you can count or pronounce is NOT healthy. In case you need more clarification...WonderBread is NOT healthy! Even the "whole wheat" one ;-)

However there is a solution to all my wonderful bread loving friends out there! As a side note I also have a soft spot for bread, more specifically toast. I grew up with toast as a staple for breakfast - usually covered with butter and corn syrup or condensed milk. Yes you read that right - basically bread smeared with fat and then loaded with sugar - obviously I wasn't a nutrition coach at age 8 ;-). I have learned a lot since then, but the one thing that remained was my love of toast for breakfast. When I started creating better eating habits for myself I went on a search to find a healthy bread and I found it!

Ezekiel Bread from the brand Food for Life (pictured above) is now my bread of choice. It is made with sprouted whole grains and seeds and is full of protein, iron, fibre and heathy fats. It contains no additives or preservatives so it needs to be kept in the freezer or fridge. You can find it in the freezer section of most grocery stores and definitely at any health food store. 

I don't want to disillusion you to thinking this is going to be like a fresh baked loaf of white sourdough...because it isn't. However it toasts up beautifully and makes a delicious base for avocado toast or your favourite nut butter or sandwich.

I like it because the whole grains provide long lasting energy (white, processed grains cause your blood sugar to spike and crash leaving you without energy) and it has 4 or 5 grams of protein per slice depending on the type you buy. I personally buy the ones shown in the picture - the blue bag has a lot of seeds right in the bread (so healthy) and the yellow one is Flax. There are a few other colours/flavours so you can choose which one you like best. 

It is more expensive than say a loaf of WonderBread, however the ingredients in it are high quality and very healthy. I don't have a problem paying a bit more to give myself the best nutrition possible - what could possibly be more important?

If you are ready to start making a healthier bread choice, I encourage you to give this a try. As a disclaimer I am not paid or compensated by Food for Life - it is simply a product I believe in and feel I thrive from. 

I would love to hear from you! Have you tried Ezekiel Bread? What is your favourite brand of healthy bread? Let me know in the comments below...


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