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Picky Diet was created as a blog for Kim Ruzycki to share her love of plant based foods and a healthy lifestyle. Topics include healthy, easy plant based recipes, nutritious food & ingredients, travel, natural beauty and fitness. The name "Picky Diet" came from Kim - who is such a picky eater...in a good way! We should all be picky about what we put in our bodies - we only get one so why not make it our best?

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake!"

Picky Diet recipes are all plant based, meaning they contain no animal products, dairy, eggs or fish. The focus is on mindful eating, clean ingredients and essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We know not everyone is the same and that no one way of eating works for everyone so we hope you take the recipes you love, leave the recipes you don't and modify anything you like to make it work for you. 

Eating clean, plant based foods isn't a diet - it isn't about deprivation or losing tons of weight or counting your almonds...its about enjoying and embracing whole, natural foods to give your body the nourishment it needs so you can be healthy and vibrant. Picky Diet living doesn't include counting calories or insane workout schedules because that isn't a sustainable, practical way to live. Its about balance - choosing the best foods you can and making good decisions for yourself everyday. Sometimes that might be a kale smoothie and sometimes that might be a glass of champagne! 

This website and blog is all about educating you on living a vibrant, healthy lifestyle and how simple it can be. We hope to learn from you and you from us on this one wild and wonderful life we have...cheers!

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