Do you know what's in your skin care products? Is there really a reason to switch to all natural products? Skin care expert Alexis Fletcher give us some insightful answers...

Do You Know What's In Your Skin Care Products?

Do you know what's in your skin care products? Is there really a reason to switch to all nautral products?

Skin care expert Alexis Fletcher give us some insightful answers...

Why use all natural, organic skin care products?

Not only are you what you eat you are also what you put on your skin. What goes on goes in!  Products made with chemicals, Petro byproducts and fragrance actually prematurely age your skin, break down healthy cells and cause pigmentation. 

What is "green washing"?

Green washing is when a company claims to be "green" (environmentally friendly in how it's made and what the ingredients are) yet is not. For example, a product may be called "Naturally Green" and yet not have a single natural ingredient. There are actually seven deadly sins of green washing. Kabuki spa is dedicated to educating people on these sins and how to avoid them. 

What are the consequences of using chemical filled skin products?

There are a lot of potential negative consequences to using chemical filled skin products - pigmentation and sensitive skin are two minor ones. Cancer and skin disorders are some serious ones. Parabens (a cheap preservative) have been found in breast cancer tissue. Fragrance attaches itself to the lungs and you will carry it for the rest of your life. Research done my the Canadian Cancer Society has shown that fragrance can be made up of thousands of potential cancer causing chemicals. David Suzuki also notes that fragrance can cause cancer and disrupt hormones (and whatever he says is gospel. I love him;)

What ingredients should we look to avoid?

Parabens, acrelates, sodium laurel sulphate, artificial colours, fragrance, perfume, phthalates. This is a very small list from thousands of chemicals. You pretty much need a chemistry degree to read 95% of cosmetic and skin care products. I prefer to be able to understand what's going in and on my body!

Don't be discouraged by this information!  I find a lot of women are upset and dismayed at how much they have been duped and taken advantage of by a multi billion dollar industry meant to support and beautify us. There is hope!  And it's simple!...Read your labels. If you don't understand what it is, put it down. You can also download an app called Environmental Working Group (ewg) Skin Deep where you can scan the barcode and it will give you a toxically score from 1-7. Check out the website for EWG here:

This app is not just for skin care but also for food!  

The number of truly natural options is growing. As the consumer, we actually have a lot of power. If we continue to make healthier choices companies will sit up and listen. 


About Alexis...

Alexis is the owner of Kabuki Spa & Skin Care Centre located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a Green Certified spa offering everything from thier famous facials, to manicures, pedicures and waxing using all natural and organic locally made products.

Alexis conducts ongoing research to ensure that thier skin-care products are truly green and not like so many – green-washed.  

"Between our organic products and results-oriented team we provide exceptional quality and satisfaction. We are innovative in our approach to product selection and have introduced organic ingredients previously unknown in skin care use and which are very popular with our clients."

Alexis has made presentations to Mohawk College business students, and to cosmetic industry groups. Along the way, she won Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2012, the 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award for Greater Hamilton and Halton in 2013, Luminescence Young Fem-Leader of 2013 and the Woman of Distinction Award of Health and Wellness in 2014. She credits much of her success to “The Team.”


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