Real change comes from what we do daily. Continue reading for 5 easy daily habits to be healthier in 2020 without turning your life upside down.

5 Habits for a Healthy New Year

Real change comes from what we do daily.

Sometimes we make our New Year resolutions so extreme or different from our current lifestyle that its tough to stick with them and we feel unsuccessful.

Instead of making big changes for your health that don't work with your daily life, try working on manageable daily changes like these instead... 

  1. Drink one more glass of water everyday - easy, simple and energizing.
  2. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, this helps your body get into a healthy sleep routine.
  3. Eat more veg - try to fill half your plate or bowl with veggies or at every meal. (Fruit works for breakfast if green smoothies aren't your thing ;-) Recipe ideas below...
  4. Move as much as possible throughout the day - park further away, take the stairs, stand up and move around while you're on the phone, do 10 jumping jacks or push ups before you get in the shower. A little movement throughout the day adds up to big results.
  5. Practice self-care - book a regular massage or pedicure, take a warm bath, read that book you've been wanting to pick up, unplug from your phone and truly relax - take care of yourself. 

These simple habits are easy to incorporate into your day without turning your life upside down. Practice them as much as possible and be kind and patient with yourself. You've got this!



Ps. If you need some recipes to help you fill half your plate with veggies try these...


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