Having healthy food ready to go in the fridge is a great way to eat better...the question is how healthy are your food storage containers? Read more to check out some great, safe food storage solutions...

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I encourage all of my clients to make extra when cooking dinner or even batch cook one day a week so they have healthy meals for multiple days. Having healthy food ready to go in your fridge is a guaranteed way to eat better. 

The question is - how healthy is the container you are storing your food in? 

Many studies link the chemicals in food storage plastics (even BPA free ones) with health issues such as hormone disruption, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. These chemicals can become more harmful when putting the containers in the microwave or dishwasher. 

The safer solution?

Swap out your plastics for glass...   

Glass food storage containers are sturdier, longer lasting, stain resistant, better for the environment and often look nicer. You can safely put them in the microwave or the dishwasher with no chemical leeching.

Here are some of the options I use in my kitchen:

Glass Wear with Snap Lids

I buy these at Costco. They are stackable, durable and have a super tight fitting lid that keeps your food fresh. Greak for packed lunches or storing leftovers.

Mason Jars

There are so many uses for mason jars. I keep them in various sizes and use them to store dry goods and snacks, take my smoothie to go, take a salad to go, use them as a vase - the options are endless and they are usually inexpensive. 

Left Over Jars

Washing and reusing glass jars from nut butter, spices or sauces is economical and environmentally friendly. They might not always have an airtight seal but they are great for keeping things like bulk or dry foods. 

Glass Containers with Plastic Lids

Yes, the lids are still plastic but that's 95% better than the entire container being plastic! Plus you can take the lids off to heat your food and easily give them a quick hand wash. 

Glass or Stainless Steel Water Bottles

I always try to take water with me wherever I go. Often I will use a mason jar with a lid but there are some other great options. Life Factory makes glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve that keeps it from breaking if you drop it. S'well water bottles are stainless, come in different sizes, colour and prints and keep beverages cold for up to 10 hours. 

I'd love to hear from you! Have you made the switch to glass food storage? Let me know what your favourite items are in the comments below...


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