Looking into your closet and deciding what to wear can often feel stressful. Especially if it is cluttered, unorganized and full of things you don’t wear. Cleaning out your closet and organizing has many health benefits...read more to find out what they are and tips to get started!

The Healthy Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Closet

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“Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have” ~unknown

Wellness is a topic that covers so much more than food and exercise. It includes all aspects of your life – your relationships, your career, your sleep, your home and surroundings…

One thing each of us does everyday is get dressed. It is a simple act that we do almost without thinking. However, for many of us our closet holds a world of feelings. Clothes that used to fit, clothes that should fit one day, clothes that make us feel comfortable, powerful, even more beautiful, clothes that were worn for a special event that make us smile or cry, clothes that were given to us by someone – the list goes on.

Looking into your closet and deciding what to wear can often feel stressful. Especially if it is cluttered, unorganized and full of things you don’t wear. Cleaning out and organizing your closet has many health benefits:

More Productive

When your closet is organized and everything in it fits well and looks good it will be easier to make a decision on what to wear giving you time for more important things – like maybe making a healthy breakfast ;-)


Looking at a closet of clothes that used to fit at a different time in your life can bring about feelings of stress and unhappiness instead of self love. Clearing out these reminders (or possibly storing them in a less relevant location) can clear these thoughts from your mind and help you be more content and present in the moment.

Better Eating Habits

I know this connection may seem far off but if other aspects of your life are messy and unorganized it can often transfer to your eating. Clean, organized spaces in your home, especially somewhere personal like your closet, encourage you to feel more in control of other aspects of your life (like your diet). This can help you be more mindful about making good, healthy food choices.

Spring is an ideal time to clean out your closet. It is a time of renewal and fresh starts. I encourage you to pick a rainy afternoon and spend some time shedding things in your closet that are no longer serving you.

Where to start?

Here are some tips from Kim Luis, owner of Closet Reskue:

  • To start, take EVERYTHING out of your closet.. then return the item only when you are sure it is perfect.. i.e. fits well, clean, not missing buttons, etc.
  • Make piles to “donate or consign”, “throw out” or “needs alterations”. If something has not been worn in many seasons or has hung in another closet then you probably will not wear it or miss it!
  • Be realistic - if you don’t like sequins...then do not have them in your closet. Go with what works best for YOU, not anyone else. 
  • Decide how you like things organized. i.e.  by colour, by whole outfit, by length of sleeve. Take everything out of your closet and put back with your “hanging” rules.
  • Remember less is more!!!

If you are interested in hiring someone who can act as an unbiased guide.. who doesn’t care if a particular pair of jeans fit you when you were "younger” check out Kim's website at  www.closetreskue.com.

Do you have any great tips for a successful closet clean out? I would love to hear from you in the comments below...


About Kim Luis...

I have always loved a well organized closet and I am constantly editing, reinventing and honing my own wardrobe! I have taken my love of fashion and my organizational skills and put them to great use. I really get excited to see how a closet and wardrobe can be transformed with a little time and effort. It is great feeling to help someone fall in love with what they own!


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