I originally wrote this as a post for Plastic Free July, but using less plastic is something we can and need to practice every month and every day to care for our beautiful planet. Keep reading to see 5 simple ways I'm personally using less plastic...
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5 Ways I've Been Using Less Plastic

I'm not an expert in waste free living, but I try to be very environmentally conscious so I thought I'd share with you a few ways I've gone plastic free this year. 

None of the products or stores mentioned in this post are ads or sponsored - I'm simply sharing what I use and love in my everyday life.

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No More Shampoo Bottles.

I use shampoo and conditioner bars from Unwrapped Life instead of using plastic shampoo bottles. They're vegan, made only with 100% essential oils and are colour safe. And my hair looks and feels great - love them!

More Bars, Less Bottles

I use bar soap instead of body wash. There are so many beautiful, natural handcrafted soaps out there. I personally use the African Black Soap Bar from Sheaterra Organics - love it on my face and body.

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Say Goodbye to Saran

I use beeswax wrap instead of saran wrap in the kitchen. You can wrap your veggies in it (they stay super fresh), your half cut avocados, or use them to cover your bowls. Two great Canadian brands are Mind Your Bees and Abeego.


Bringing my own reusable produce bags and shopping bags to the grocery store. This has been difficult with COVID and some stores not allowing you to bring your bags but hopefully as we get back to more normalcy we can start to bring them again.

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No More Single Use

Using a reusable water bottle and tea cup. I know this one seems pretty obvious but I bring them everywhere - golf, in the car, out doing errands, etc. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a plastic bottle of water or a take out tea with a plastic lid. The thought of using a plastic cup for 5 minutes and then it sitting in a landfill for the next 500 years or ending up littering the ocean really bothers me.

I'm always up for learning more so please comment below with any tips, ideas or how you've been using less plastic in your life...

Like anything else you're working on - your health, your nutrition, your business - small, consistent changes and good habits create big results and steady, slow growth creates strong roots. So stick with it and know you ARE making a difference with every change you make for the better.


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