Do you want to try matcha but aren't sure how to use it, what kind to buy or where to get it? This kit has everything you need to start enjoying matcha in one easy box, including a guide on how to use it to make tea and lattes. Continue reading to learn more and get yours...
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Matcha Starter Kit


Do you want to try matcha but aren't sure how to use it, overwhlemed with what kind to buy or where to get it?

The Matcha Starter Kit clears the confusion and makes matcha simple.

In the kit you'll find everything you need to start enjoying matcha (and its disease fighting antioxidants) plus learn step by step how to make matcha tea, lattes and use it in your everyday life.


What's Included:

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Harvested and produced from spring buds and tender young tea leaves and grown in partial sunlight a few weeks each spring, boosting the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves; hence the very high concentration of antioxidants. After harvest, the tea is meticulously ground into very fine particles. Its perfect for making matcha lattes, frappes, and smoothies. This is approximately a month's worth of matcha if you enjoy it everyday.

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Skillfully handcrafted from bamboo, this chasen has 120 blades and is perfect for mixing your matcha so it's smooth, creamy and frothy.

Matcha starter kit guide


Everything you need to know about how to make matcha in one simple guide. It gives you step by step instructions on how to make a matcha tea (it's easy, I promise), a matcha latte, how much to use in your smoothie and bonus recipes you'll love.

What's the difference between matcha and regular brewed green tea?

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Matcha tea is made from ground up green tea leaves. It's in a powder form so you're actually consuming the entire tea leaf, not just water that's been steeped in tea leaves, as with regular brewed green tea. That's why it is so much higher in antioxidants. You can enjoy it as a tea, a latte, in your smoothie or cook and bake with it. It's health benefits are incredible!


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