So many raw nuts have amazing health properties, but Brazil nuts are definitely at the very top of the list! Did you know they help keep your thyroid healthy and reduce inflammation? Continue reading to find out more on this amazing super food...

Ingredient Spotlight...Brazil Nuts for a Healthy Thyroid


What are Brazil Nuts?

So many raw nuts have amazing health properties, but Brazil nuts are definitely at the very top of the list. Brazil nuts are actually seeds from the Brazil nut tree, a tree that can grow upward of 200 feet and is found in the Amazon. That gives these nuts some serious strong food energy! Brazil nuts are commonly eaten raw and are high in protein, fibre, thiamine, copper and magnesium — not to mention the best selenium food source in the world!

What are the health benefits of Brazil Nuts?

Healthy Thyroid Function

Your thyroid helps control many functions in your body including your metabolism. Brazil nuts are extremely high in selenium -  a key component that is necessary to keep your thyroid in proper working order and overall good health.

Cancer Fighter

Brazil nuts are high on the list of cancer-fighting foods, due to their high ellagic acid (anticancer antioxidant) and selenium levels. Selenium has been shown in many studies to help reduce and prevent the risk of cancer.

Strong Immune System

The selenium in Brazil nuts strengthens the immune system to protect against bacterial and viral infections.

Fights Inflammation

Brazil nuts are an amazing anti-inflammatory food! The two main antioxidants they contain - selenium and ellagic acid both work to defend your body against free radicals and inflammation. Consuming only one Brazil nut a day will improve anti-inflammatory responses in you body.  

Healthy Skin

Brazil nuts are a great source of the antioxidant Vitamin E which is required to maintain cell membranes and protect the health of your skin.

How much should you eat?

Brazil Nuts make a great snack and you only need one or two per day to get all the health benefits. Don't over do it on these nuts! More than 6 per day can have a toxic effect on your health.

How to get more Brazil Nuts in your diet...

-eat them alone as a snack - one or two are all you need and they are rich and hearty so you will feel satisfied (they are really good dipped in a little hummus!)

-try my Cinnamon Ginger Granola or Beautiful Skin Salad

-chop a couple up in your oatmeal or morning cereal

-break them up and put them on a rice and veggie bowl

-chop them up and use them in baked goods like these Brazil Nut Snickerdoodles

Buying and Storing Brazil Nuts...

You can buy brazil nuts in bulk or in a package at most grocery stores and definitely at any health food store. It is best to buy them in smaller portions, store them in the fridge in an airtight bag or container and use them within 3 months as they can spoil.

What is your favourite way to enjoy Brazil nuts? I would love to hear from you in the comments below...


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